諜影迷情 第3季

Covert Affairs (S3)

安妮(Piper Perabo飾)歷經斯德哥爾摩的死亡任務,死裡逃生後她回去找永遠守護她的人-Auggie。

After Annie’s (Piper Perabo) mission in Stockholm turned deadly and she returns to the one person who has always been there for her – Auggie.

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DIVA Universal 頻道,MOD 95台


熱門國際間諜影集第三季即將開播。安妮(Piper Perabo飾)歷經斯德哥爾摩的死亡任務,死裡逃生後她回去找永遠守護她的人-Auggie(Christopher Gorham飾)。可惜他已心有所屬,跟他的新女友到非洲厄立特里亞, 獨留安妮思索自己投入的感情是否超乎預期。








DIVA Universal Channel, MOD ch. 95
Premiere: Jan 16th. 2013, 08:00 pm, every Wednesday


The hit international spy drama returns for its third season after Annie’s (Piper Perabo) mission in Stockholm turned deadly and she returns to the one person who has always been there for her – Auggie (Christopher Gorham). However, his mind is elsewhere as he sets out to follow his new girlfriend to Eritrea and leaves Annie wondering if her feelings run deeper than she thought.

  • Annie Walker
    (Piper Perabo)

    或許對政府最機密的機關單位來說還是菜鳥,但28歲的Annie有著異於常人的本能直覺、韌性和毅力,這些特質讓這位鄰家女生變成致命武器。雖然她 首次任務結束在槍林彈雨之中,當她被中情局升遷到實演場時但她不慌亂也不猜想她的未來的走向。她心中只想要做好工作,完成任務。本季中將會繼續到各國出任 務,而她的私生活和感情會有更多變化。


    She may be new to the government’s most secretive branch, but 28-year-old Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) has the uncanny instincts, tenacity and persistence that could make this girl-next-door a lethal weapon. Although her first mission unexpectedly ends in a hail of bullets, Annie doesn’t get flustered or second-guess her new career path when the Agency unexpectedly promotes her to field operative. If anything, it has made her more determined to be good at her job and see her assignments through.

  • Auggies Anderson
    (Christopher Gorham)

    前任中情局探員Auggie(Christopher Gorham)在一次任務中因意外失明。現在任職於國家防衛部門的科技部門擔任內勤人員。Auggie了解鮮為人知的中情局組織內的複雜內情。Annie 一來,Auggie很快就知道她的聰明伶俐,結為好友,並且盡其所能幫她。他深深了解Annie,因此願意相信她的直覺。在本季中他和Annie的夥伴關 係是否會生變,產生不同的化學變化?


    A former CIA special operative, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) was blinded during a mission. He is now heading up the tech ops department within the DPD. Auggie understands the intricacies of the massive bureaucracy of the CIA in a way that few others do. He immediately picks up on Annie’s intelligence and takes her under his wing to help her navigate the system. He sees Annie for who she really is and because of that, is willing to follow her instincts.

  • Jai Wilcox
    (Sendhil Ramamurthy)

    第二代接棒的中情局幹員,Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy飾),之前是耶魯的運動風雲人物。Jai不認輸的態度事實上非常適合金融業,但他選擇當個探員。生性風流倜儻,處處留情,包括國會助 理,中情局同事和去參加好友在冰島雷克雅維克舉辦的單身派對,飛行途中遇到的空姐都是他的約會對象。


    A second-generation CIA man, Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) was a former lacrosse star at Yale. Jai’s hate-to-lose attitude would make him a perfect fit for investment banking, but he’s chosen the Agency route instead. He has dated everyone from Congressional staffers to other CIA workers to a flight attendant he met while flying to a buddy’s bachelor party in Reykjavik.

  • Arthur Campbell
    (Peter Gallagher)

    Arthur是中央情報局的國家情報部部長。氣宇非凡,一言九鼎,他生性愛鬥,不管是跟美國的敵人或是和他一樣在情報局工作的妻子Joan鬥嘴吵 架。然而他希望能讓中情局作業有多一點透明度的想法和單位的天性相齟齬。他有他的支持者,雖然大家可能不承認,但並非人人都認同他的想法。他身陷在中情局 鬥爭當中,而一定會有人受到波及被犧牲。


    Arthur (Peter Gallagher) is the director of the Clandestine Service Department at the CIA. A regal and imposing presence, he loves a good fight whether it’s with a known enemy of the United States or verbal sparring with his own wife, Joan, who also works at the Agency. But his bid to bring more transparency to the CIA is at odds with the very covert nature of the organization. Arthur has his supporters but not everyone’s on his side, whether they’ll admit to it or not. He’s in for an uphill battle that’s sure to have its casualties.

  • Joan Campbell
    (Kari Matchett)

    比起其他身處在男性主導的中情局裡,Joan試圖努力往上爬,獲得升遷。為此她努力堅持,下定決心和保持冷靜。她對她的新員工Annie很嚴格,因 為在她身上看到過往的自己,儘管她不承認這點。而Annie也不了解Joan對她冷酷嚴格是因為要保障她的安全,並且能使她成長,成為一名更優秀的情報 員。因為嫁給她的老闆Arthur,她身處一個尷尬位置。維持家庭和工作間的界線對這對夫婦來說永遠是個挑戰,尤其是Joan懷疑丈夫背著她外遇偷吃。


    Joan (Kari Matchett) has managed to ascend higher in the CIA than almost any other woman in a male-dominated agency. She’s done it with grit, determination and poise. Joan is hard on Annie, her newest employee, because she sees herself in her. Not that she would ever admit it. And Annie doesn’t realize that Joan’s ferocity comes from a need to protect her, and make her a better agent, not compete with her. Joan is also in the difficult position of being married to her boss, Arthur. Maintaining the boundaries between home and work is a constant challenge for this couple, particularly since Joan suspects that her husband is cheating on her.

  • Danielle Brooks
    (Anne Dudek)

    一位樸實,有錢的典型喬治城媽媽,Danielle是Annie可靠的姐姐。擁有兩個小女兒和身任高職的老公,她走了一條有別於Annie的人生道 路,過著穩定安逸的生活。有時候她日子過得充實,而有時候她就像一本道德啟示故事集,想要提醒Annie。她總是認為Annie太賣命工作,她支持 Annie的任何決定。


    A grounded, somewhat earthy yet affluent Georgetown mom, Danielle Brooks (Anne Dudek) is Annie’s reliable older sister. While juggling two young daughters and a husband with a high-powered job, Danielle represents the path not taken for Annie, one that’s rooted and safe. At times Danielle represents the life fulfilled and at other times she’s the cautionary tale. Danielle thinks Annie works too hard and she will always supports her whatever decision Annie makes.

諜影迷情 第3季 預告

集數 Episode本集名稱 Title劇情大綱 Synopsis
1 新展開
Hang On to Yourself
After the death of one of their agents, the team goes after the people responsible.
2 聲音與視覺
Sound And Vision
Auggie and Annie head to Spain on a mission to retrieve a computer virus.
3 不可為之
The Last Thing You Should Do
Auggie於前往拜訪Parker的過程中捲入意麻煩,意味著Annie, Joan與Lena必須拋開彼此的成見。
When Auggie runs into trouble while visiting Parker, the situation means Annie, Joan and Lena are forced to put their differences aside.
4 生命的速度
Speed of Life
After a break-in at a high-tech company, Annie asks FBI Agent Rossabi for help. But everything quickly becomes complicated when Simon shows up in DC.
5 這裡不是美國
This Is Not America
一枚伊朗飛彈內藏有美國科技設備,Annie, Eyal和Lavin得查出到底是誰洩漏出去。
When American technology is discovered in an Iranian missile, Annie, Eyal and Lavin try to discover who leaked the technology.and Daisy appears to be just a bit jealous at the direction some of it is coming from.
6 你好,陌生人
Hello Stranger
Annie tries to turn the chief of staff for the prime minister of Yemen into a CIA asset despite warnings from the State Department.
7 異國戀情
Loving the Alien
Annie is on her own and without the backing of the CIA while on a trip to Cuba with Simon.
8 Glass Spider 在Jai躲藏之處,Annie和Auggie發現Jai曾調查Simon。Annie告訴Arthur和Joan她一直在勸服Simon,相信自己可以改變他。
At Jai’s safe house, Annie & Auggie find Jai was investigating Simon. Annie tells Arthur & Joan she has been cultivating Simon and thinks she can turn him.
9 Suffragette City 因為Annie的性命危在旦夕,中情局團隊試圖要找出真相。
With Annie’s life on the line, the CIA team sets out to discover the truth.
10 Let’s Dance 中情局想確認一名敵人是否躲在俄羅斯。
The CIA looks to find verification that an enemy has taken cover in Russia.
11 Rock n’ Roll Suicide 本集中情局團隊合作要把Annie從俄羅斯監獄救出。
The team works together to bring Annie home from a Russian prison.icularly looking forward to it after a difficult year for the entire family.
12 Wishful Blessings Eyal向中情局求助尋找一位在以色列情報單位的中情局人力資產。
Eyal asks for the CIA’s assistance in tracking a Mossad asset.
13 Man in the Middle Annie得在半天之內尋求一位人士成為中情局人力資產並且找到可疑的恐怖份子。
Annie’s got a 12-hour window to turn an asset and find suspected terrorists.
14 Scary Monsters(And Scary Creeps) Annie和Eyal試圖要追查一位從拘留所消失的中情局人力資產。
Annie and Eyal attempt to track down a CIA asset who has vanished from protective custody.
15 Quicksand Auggie前往伊拉克而Joan放了幾天假,Annie找上Eyal想要找到Khalid Ansari。
When Auggie heads to Iraq and Joan takes a few days off, Annie turns to Eyal to track down Khalid Ansari.
16 Lady Stardust 一名情報員被綁架後,Annie飛往阿姆斯特丹執行擒拿Khalid的任務。
Annie heads to Amsterdam to take out Khalid after a fellow spy is taken hostage.


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